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Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Beartooth Harley-Davidson® wants to be your Dealership and part of your Family.

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In the mood for a Harley-Davidson? Keep these Buying Tips in mind and see how we set ourselves apart from the rest.

Bill of Sale - When you are shopping for a Harley-Davidson® always insist that the dealer "write-up the deal" for you to take HOME and review. If you sense reluctance or unwillingness to put things on paper, pay close attention. Insist on seeing "All the numbers" and NOT just the monthly payment. Many dealers sell the monthly payment without disclosing the price, interest rate, or term of loan. This is a shell game, in which you are given a low price on the motorcycle and /or a high price on your trade. Hidden fees and/or interest rate mark-ups are added to make up the difference on the dealer's end. You have the right to know all information before signing any deal.

Hidden Fees - Always keep your eyes peeled for hidden fees. Charges such as freight and setup are customary, however, they can easily be adjusted and tucked away into the deal. Typically, you will see freight at $330 to $856, setup from $350 to $500, and documentation fees from $350 to $500 per motorcycle. These fees are customary and reflect the costs incurred by the Dealership. However, these fees should be shown as separate line items on the Bill of Sale instead of being hidden in the price of the motorcycle.

Financing - You have the right to know every detail of the purchase, including loan terms. Banks and other financing institutions, including Harley-Davidson® Financial Services, control the SAME terms in every loan: the amount loaned, interest rate and length of loan.

Interest Rates - Know your bank's (or credit union's) interest rates before you visit a dealership. Interest rates vary from bank to bank and between dealerships. Some dealers may increase the interest rate you're charged to make up for the great deal you're getting on your new motorcycle or trade-in. While you may end up paying less for the bike at these dealerships, you'll more than give that money back in terms of total finance charges over the life of the loan. Always remember what they say about deals that are too good to be true.

Loan Term - Know the number of months you'll be paying that low monthly payment. Generally, the longer the loan, the higher the interest rate. Longer loan terms take longer to build equity in your motorcycle, an important consideration if you're thinking of upgrading within a few years. You'll also pay more interest over the life of the loan with longer terms. Ten year loans may result in a payment that fits your budget, but be aware of all the potential costs of that loan.

Harley-Davidson® Literature - Ask for a copy of the Harley-Davidson® literature. Each motorcycle model with options and pricing are noted, including freight. Ask to compare what the dealership is selling their motorcycle for compared to what the literature states. If there is a discrepancy have the salesperson explain. The Harley-Davidson's® literature is available to educate.

Hang Tags - Does the motorcycle have a hang tag clearly displaying all of the motorcycle's options, the price of the bike, and an out the door price? If not, can you get a price from the salesperson with reasonably little effort, or will you be passed around to other staff to negotiate your life away? If you find yourself at a dealership such as this, is that a dealership you want to do business with? An honourable dealership will offer upfront pricing available on hang tags.

Valuing Your Trade - Trade-ins are a great place for Dealers to mask what's really going on with the deal. Be cautious of trade-in offers that exceed normal market values. Most times they are added back into the price of the new motorcycle you are purchasing. Ask questions like: "What is the actual cash value of my trade?" and "What is the price of the new motorcycle without my trade?" You can research your trade value on NADACome prepared with those figures, when you head to the dealership.

Warranty - All new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles come with a two year, unlimited mileage warranty. Harley-Davidson® also offers Extended Warranty Plans that you can purchase quite reasonably. Pre-owned motorcycles may be sold "As-Is", with a limited dealership warranty or with a Harley-Davidson® factory warranty. Be sure you know what coverage you have before you complete the purchase of a pre-owned motorcycle.

Follow Up - Some dealers use dedicated staff to follow up after a dealership visit, while others use full time telemarketing companies to call out to you. Showing a customer you are interested in earning their business and being a nuisance are two different things. We all deserve to eat dinner without a telemarketer's phone call.

We hope these tips are helpful in your search for a Harley-Davidson® . Have any questions? Please contact us @ info@beartoothharley.com or (406) 252-2888.